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Polkadot Hungary Meetup

Repository for documents and files, related to Polkadot Hungary Meetups.

Telegram group: group: Polkadot and Kusama Hungary

CCTF Metaverse shared with Polkadot meetups: Enter Metaverse

Organizer: six / David Pethes - Polkadot Head Ambassador of Eastern Europe

Meetup sponsors: QRUCIAL (venue), Local Korner (pizza), CCTF (metaverse space), Web3 Foundation (social media), Parity Technologies (speakers).

List of events

Getting started with Substrate - 2021 November

Introduction to Kusama and how to deploy on Substrate - 2022 December

Development for a Decentralized Future - 2022 January

Metaverse on Substrate - 2022 February

Token Economy and Development - 2022 March

Meetup in Metaverse - 2022 April

Local event vs. Metaverse - 2022 May

Meetup with Ambassadors, side-event of Polkadot Decoded - 2022 June

Building the Metaverse - 2022 July

Metaverse standardization and interoperability - 2022 August

Organizing Web3 - 2022 September

Hybrid meetup: Roundtable discussion with web3 organizers - 2022 October

List of speakers in order

six / David Pethes, ra33it0 / Sebastian Kraus, Danny Salman (Web3 Foundation), Sacha Lansky (Parity Technologies), Michael Healy (UNIT network), Nic (Momentum-Kusamaverse), Illia Abrosimov (Asylum), Zsófi Major (Parity Technologies), Darren Seah (Parity Technologies)