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The 8th Polkadot Hungary meet. This time we do it in LocalKorner pizza restaurant, in the city center.
The presentation will happen in the Kusamaverse by Momentum.
Metaverse URL:
Momentum enables digital societies to create, build and scale together in an open source decentralized metaverse network. Built on Kusama, Momentum offers the place for the Dotsama community to gather, engage in on-chain and off-chain activities - staking, parachain auctions, governance, and gatherings, as a shared experience in the metaverse.
Nic's bio: Starting his development journey on a BBC Microcomputer many moons ago, Nic is a UK based game developer who is incredibly passionate about everything to do with the Metaverse and how it will change global collaboration. Spending many years working behind the scenes in Web2, he now finds himself on the Web3 adventure which is bringing fresh life to a stagnant internet. Nic was the first developer to join Momentum, where he focuses on Unity development.
Pizza is sponsored by Local Korner. You can buy other food and drinks with DOT and XMR.
- 19:30 Polkadot and Kusama news
- 19:40 Building the Metaverse, by Nic from Momentum
- 20:00 Introducing each other, networking
Location: Local Korner, Semmelweis street 17 · Budapest
Sponsors: Local Korner, Momentum, CCTF, Web3 Foundation
A 8. Polkadot Hungary találkozó.
Új helyszínen, a belvárosban: LocalKorner pizzéria.
Párhuzamosan a Metaverzummal is tartjuk majd a kapcsolatot.
A Momentum nevű projekt létrehozta a Kusamaverse nevű metaverse-t. Innen fogjuk tartani az híreket és előadást!
Előadónk Nic lesz, a Momentum egyik tagja. Várunk mindenkit szeretettel a LocalKorner-ben vagy a Metaverse-ben!
Metaverse URL:
- 19:30 Polkadot and Kusama hírek
- 19:40 Building the Metaverse, előadja Nic a Momentum csapatból
- 20:00 Beszélgetés és ismerkedés, "networking"
Location: Local Korner, Semmelweis út 17 · Budapest
Sponsors: Local Korner, Momentum, CCTF, Web3 Foundation

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The 9th Polkadot Hungary meet. This will be an online event.
Event link:
19:00 Polkadot News by six / David Pethes (Polkadot Ambassador Program)
19:30 Metaverse standardization and interoperability by Illia Abrosimov (Asylum project)
20:00 Metaverse Networking
Illia talk's introduction
We will talk about the standardization of the Metaverse, why it is critical to make the Metaverse real, what areas must be standardized, what possibilities is it opens and show some existing examples in this sphere. Also I will introduce the IMP - community owned protocol for the Metaverse providers that will cover all mentioned needs.
Bio of Illia Abrosimov (guest speaker)
I have been a developer since 2015, worked with game backend, game engines, graphics and crypto. Previously worked on such titles as FarCry 5, For Honor, etc in Ubisoft.
A year ago I switched to the metaverse area because I saw it as the future of our virtual life. now I'm the leader and CEO at Asylum and founder of the IMP consortium.

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The 10th Polkadot Hungary Meetup!
Do you want to know how to organize the world of Web3? This is a good chance to learn from the experienced crypto event managers, in our 9th Polkadot Hungary meet!
This event will be hosted in Budapest, GamerLand (bunker room this time, not the gallery!) and streamed to the Metaverse simultaneously.
19:15 Polkadot News by six / David Pethes (Polkadot Ambassador Program)
19:30 Organizing Web3.0 / Zsófi Major (Parity Technologies)
20:00 Surprise announcement! Q&A, discussion
20:30 Networking
Bio of our guest speaker: Zsófi Major, Hackathon Manager at Parity Technologies
"I have been organizing open source community events for the last decade, mainly in the web2 space. I joined Parity's Developer Relations team in March to grow and foster the Polkadot ecosystem communities through hackathons and events that focus on knowledge sharing and onboarding. In my talk I'll give you a quick intro to our events that can help you on your journey in the world of Polkadot."
Physical location: GamerLand (bunker)
Metaverse event link:
Sponsors: Web3 Foundation, CCTF
Partners: Parity, Momentum, GamerLand

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Metaverse standardization and interoperability - [2022 August](
Organizing Web3 - [2022 September, link TBA]()
Organizing Web3 - [2022 September](
## List of speakers in order
six / David Pethes, ra33it0 / Sebastian Kraus, Danny Salman (Web3 Foundation), Sacha Lansky (Parity Technologies), Michael Healy (UNIT network), Nic (Momentum-Kusamaverse)
six / David Pethes, ra33it0 / Sebastian Kraus, Danny Salman (Web3 Foundation), Sacha Lansky (Parity Technologies), Michael Healy (UNIT network), Nic (Momentum-Kusamaverse), Illia Abrosimov (Asylum), Major Zsófia (Parity technologies)