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@ -3,13 +3,13 @@ Repository for documents and files, related to Polkadot Hungary Meetups.
**Telegram group:** [](
**International group:** [Polkadot and Kusama Hungary](
** group:** [Polkadot and Kusama Hungary](
**Hungarian only group:** [Polkadot Hungary](
**CCTF Metaverse shared with Polkadot meetups:** [Enter Metaverse](
**Organizer:** six / David Pethes - [Polkadot Head Ambassador of Eastern Europe](
**Meetup sponsors:** [QRUCIAL]( (venue), [Local Korner]( (pizza), [Web3 Foundation]( (social media), [InLock]( (drinks), [Parity Technologies]( (speakers).
**Meetup sponsors:** [QRUCIAL]( (venue), [Local Korner]( (pizza), [CCTF]( (metaverse space), [Web3 Foundation]( (social media), [Parity Technologies]( (speakers).
## List of events
@ -26,7 +26,9 @@ Token Economy and Development - 2022 March
Meetup in Metaverse - 2022 April
TBA - 2022 May
Local event vs. Metaverse - 2022 May
Metaverse meetup, in CCTF metaverse, before Polkadot Decoded - 2022 June
## List of speakers in order