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Penetration Tester's Zsh

Deprected project. New project: CryptoZSH

Goal: make the life of a hacker / penetration tester faster, more convinient, transparent and efficient.

Usability features: tor trigger (ton/tof), external ip check, tor check... and more to be added.

Works on Debian if the dependencies are met or on Kali "out of box". If the dependencies are not met, the functions will still run, but outputs will be empty or you get an alert.


cd /tmp/ && git clone && cd PTZ && cp profile_files/.* -R ~/ && cd

Using only the pentest functions can be done by including just: pentest_functions.zsh If you want also the notes/knowledge database, you should add the v3das folder to you ~/.ptz/ folder.

General function of PTZ

pawnpls - Automatically enumerate and start predefined attacks such as brute force. Output goes to ~/.ptz/$target/ Example for single target: autopawn Example for multiple targets: autopawn ""

ptzdepchk - check if all dependencies are installed or not, print if something is missing

Notes functions

n - query notes about a topic, use tab auto complete

nls - list all the notes

rnd - get random strings (lengths: 8,16,32,64)

tmp - open vim with a random file name to be written under /tmp/

chk functions

chkhttpz - HTTP response check Example: chkhttpz 443

chkcrt - SSL certificate dump Example: chkcrt 443

cracking functions

johnzip - Crack zip files using john Example: johnzip rockyou.txt

johnrar - Crack rar files using john Example: johnrar data.rar rockyou.txt