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Awesome repo and tutorials for getting ready for Polkadot Metaverse Championship.

Important note: code is not enough alone and a plan is also not enough alone. To build a successful web3 project, it needs to fit the target ecosystem, needs to be stable and secure while being usable, userfriendly. This will be reflected in the PMC hackathon's judging criterias as well. We will have an in-depth talk at the hackathon before the 24 hours hacking begins.

Starter resources

Project Link
Developer friendly wallet for Substrate blockchains
Build you own Substrate blockchain
The Rust Book (before you code your first pallet)
Send extrinsics from code or cli
Substrate frontend template (use this if you need a frontend connecting with PolkadotJS)
Build an NFT marketplace in an hour with Substrate
ink! tutorial (solidity-like rust based smart contracts on top os Substrate)
Write a custom pallet for Substrate
Awesome Substrate

Tutorials for ecosystem project challenges

Use the following materials to educate yourself about the ecosystem projects present in the PMC hackathon. This helps you to prepare yourself for the main track challenges. You can also start building some topoligies or code skeletons for interacting with the projects.

Project Link
Unit Network learning materials
KILT 101
RMRK - Learn about the specs
Momentum - Explore Kusamaverse
CCTF blog - Learn about hacking web3

Advanced resources

Title Link
Hacking substrate with pallet chaos
Security analysis framework for WASM and smart contracts
Tool for hacking IBC
Auditing Rust Crypto, the first hours
The Evolution of Zero-Knowledge Proofs in Web3