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Decentralized CTF engine, used by CCTF
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DCTF v0.1

The first decentralized CTF engine, used by CCTF

Testnet deployment on Moonbase Alpha:

Testnet Hall of Fame on Moonbase Alpha:

Main team contributors: six, Silur, Bazsi

Hackathon contributors: SI, username, Anon, GuyFromUniversity, ZK, Metafaka team, BMEta team

Short-term ToDo

  • Finish the Vault
  • Finish the Hall of Fame with multi-management DAO style setup (approval needed for valid flag?)
  • Architect the topology, research best way so all features work together
  • Check and fix FE - contract integration, partially done, we need remote removals
  • Add FE missing functions
  • Re-architect in a way we don't need to redeploy
  • Deploy version X

Workshop at Hacktivity 2023

Intro to blockchain, cryptography and learn to play CCTF. Smart contract steps:

  1. Deploy in Remix
  2. createContest()
  3. Generate a priv/pub key for the flag.
  4. addOrUpdateChallenge()
  5. Play, find flag
  6. register()
  7. submitFlag()
  8. Challenge

Workshop at HITB 2023

We will go through a fast intro to Web3 and how to hack DCTF. Anyone present at HITB 2023 Phuket, feel free to ask user six at the Crypto Village desk. Agenda:

  • What is blockchain/web3/other buzzwords and the tech behind?
    • Consensus, RPoW, PoW, PoS
    • LibP2P and nodes
    • Solidity, js and rust (where and what and why?)
    • Substrate
    • ECDSA logic, signing, basics
  • Logic of DCTF
  • Resources for hacking DCTF
  • Next steps for CCTF and decentralized community

This is a free flow workshop. Six can explain these you in 20 mins, but vibes will tell how long you stay and hack.

For generating the ECDSA signatures and message hashes, use: