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Info for HITB 2023 workshop

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Contributors: six, Silur, Anonz team, Metafaka team, BMEta team
# Workshop at HITB 2023
We will go through a fast intro to Web3 and how to hack DCTF. Anyone present at HITB 2023 Phuket, feel free to ask user six at the Crypto Village desk. Agenda:
- What is blockchain/web3/other buzzwords and the tech behind?
- Consensus, RPoW, PoW, PoS
- LibP2P and nodes
- Solidity, js and rust (where and what and why?)
- Substrate
- ECDSA logic, signing, basics
- Logic of DCTF
- Resources for hacking DCTF
- Next steps for CCTF and decentralized community
This is a free flow workshop. Six can explain these you in 20 mins, but vibes will tell how long you stay and hack.
### Short-term ToDo
- [ ] Update ABI