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Penetration Tester's Zsh - functions 4 fast pawn

Works on Debian if the dependencies are met or on Kali. Probably works on Pentoo also.

Installing after you have the dependencies: cp profile_files/.* -R ~/


pawnpls - Automatically enumerate and start predefined attacks such as brute force. Example for single target: autopawn Example for multiple targets: autopawn ""

everythingworksornot? - check if everything works or not for this script

chk functions

chkhttpz - HTTP response check Example: chkhttpz 443

chkcrt - SSL certificate dump Example: chkcrt 443

cracking functions

johnzip - Crack zip files using john Example: johnzip rockyou.txt

johnrar - Crack rar files using john Example: johnrar data.rar rockyou.txt

help functions

hlp - Get help of the hlp command hlprnd - Get random strings (lengths: 8,16,32,64)