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Question ideas for full black box penetration test phases
- Online resources available against the target? (websites, services, social networks)
- Active enumeration start, any protections (eg. WAF or DBFW)?
- Port scan and fingerprinting? Identified background services (eg. if its a webapp, what's behind (load balancer, nginx, apache, python)?)
- How things connect together? Full picture of currently collected info/topology?
- Default passwords or weak passwords used for auth?
- Do we need to / can we create a virtual copy of the attacked systems? (may it be required later for exploit development?)
- Automatic scanning done?
- Any login details, default passwords? Any upload possibilities (eg. wp shell or other addon)?
- Manual testing for vulns done?
- List of possible attack surfaces, evasion (if needed) and vulnerabilities?
- Social engineering?
- Sending emails?
- Phone calls?
- Contact through social media?
- Looks exploitable, but shell does not come back?
- Using the touch command on web server to see if it really works?
- DNS tunneling?
- DoS (be careful to not break production!)?
- Got shell? Windows? Linux?
- Security related software checks?
- On Windows, examples: antivirus, EMET (or other anti-exploitation software), applocker, powershell or it's functions locked, logging?
- On Linux, examples: antivirus, Grsec/Pax, apparmor, SELinux, auditd, remote logging, keyloggers?
- What can we do with Windows?
- Admin already? Local priv esc vulns?
- Readable files with passwords or crackable?
- SAM dump (hive, local)?
- Copy SAM database from backup?
- Cachedump (security hive, domain, more complicated)?
- LSASS dump (memory)?
- Tokens? Impersonation?
- WMI?
- Misconfigured services?
- Tickets (Kerberos)?
- Wrong permissions? System running world writable files?
- Bypass of functions (eg. applocker bypasses)?
- Local privilege escalation exploits?
- Other users and their interaction?
- What can we do with Linux?
- Root already? Local priv esc vulns?
- sudo (su)?
- Readable files with passwords or crackable?
- /etc/passwd users?
- Wrong permissions? Guid/suid? rwxrwxrwx?
- Misconfigured services?
- Bypass of functions (eg. apparmor bypass)?
- Local privilege escalation exploits?
- Other users and their interaction (eg. X hacking)?
Note: it's not a good idea to take it as a checklist and think the pentest is done. These are better to be considered as some kind of minimum requirements which should be answerable.