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This document proposes a few ideas for expanding the RMRK concepts.
== Experience NFTs
RMRK-style hierarchical building blocks can be applied to experience NFTs as well.
Experience NFTs shouldn't just be a collection of experiences — more experiences means more skills? —, but experiences should be non-commutative. As an initiation analogy, it is possible to learn Chinese history in 2 ways:
• First learn Chinese, then listen to history lectures in Chinese.
• First listen to history lectures in Chinese, then learn Chinese. In this case, the lectures would have to be memorized word-by-word and then recalled after learning Chinese. This way of learning obviously doesn't work. The experiences cannot be chained in this order.
As such, as with hierarchical equipping, experiences can be hierarchically bounded.
== Self-reinforcing loop
Not only that, but in terms of role-playing games, for example being able to use a weapon effectively is tied to gaining experience/skill in using that weapon — one doesn't gain experience/skill when a weapon is too easy to use or its successful use is only due to sheer luck.
The combination of these lend themselves to formation of a kind of game where character NFTs would have to be re-equipped with other equippable NFT from time to time, to allow the characters to gain new experiences. And an NFT is more valuable the more distinct experiences/skills it has.
Taking this further, experiences foster rank and reknown, which permits admission into more restricted areas of the world — e.g. only the most skillful ones may enter the dragon's lair —, allowing for more unique experiences yet again.
== Relationships between NFTs
Also, if marriage between character NFTs is a thing, then there ough to be a question of whether "one is good enough for the other" based on experiences.