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Vornoi · GitHub license

Making "decentralized" blockchain projects actually decentralized. Currently implementing the solutions: for Polkadot and Ethereum.


Cryptocurrency project with decentralization as one of the core principle.


The existence of (SPoF) single point of failures.

SPoF examples

The smart contract can be controlled (withdraw or pause) by a single account What if the single account is hacked? Smart contract emptied and stopped/destroyed. DApp with legacy, centralized backend What if the backend hacked? DApp replaced with malicious smart contract. DApp cannot be run locally, just from a central website What if the domain or the DNS is hacked? DApp replaced with malicious smart contract.


On smart contract level: Sign Flow Critical actions with multiple parties before executing them. DecentraLib.sol Use of threshold wallets (problem with that is not transparent enough) On DApp level: share the source code and run-able binary/script in multiple locations and sign them/make them verifiable Use of vanillajs + polkadotjs/web3js Push code to Gitea/Github/Gitlab Always publish the address on multiple public sources so users can verify it before transaction (website, twitter, telegram)


Term Explanation
Single Point of Failure (SPoF) A point in the system that in case of incident makes the whole or major part the system fail.
Organization Flow (OrgFlow) The project being executed, including the steps on the paths that are being taken.
Critical Impact Function (CIF) Functions that are critical in the flow of the project's execution (eg. a selfdestruct() call stopping the whole Project Flow).
Minor Impact Function (MIF) Minor Impact Function (MIF) - Functions that cannot have a critical impact on the project.

Example Topology of a real decentralized smart contract

Decentralized Organization


Voronoi is an open project which welcomes contribution. Please send us a pull request in case you have a contribution.


Voronoi is Licensed under Apache2