[LEGACY] The HODLbag ExoDAO code. NFT: Live || ERC20: Live || DAO: in development. https://hodlbag.org/
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Legacy repo - HODLbag_DAO

Please See the new repositories for the up to date code and state of HODLbag

The HODLbag DAO code. Current status: NFT: Done, Live || ERC20: Done, Live || DAO: development ongoing.

HODLdao planned events

AirDrop / Referral / PoW bounty

ExoDAO logic draft

Smart contract function <---> Wallet&Provider <---> Provider connect <---> Buttons that call functions and build logic

Smart contract functions with button on frontend:

Mint/Buy NFT Transfer NFT Redeem NFT List NFT tokens

Buy HDL Tokens Send HDL tokens

HODLock Tokens (amount, time)

Create Proposal Standard: title, req. text hash, modifiers values, add fund, fund for if yes) Role prop: title, who (address), what title, fund/salary?) List proposals Vote on proposal (yes/no/reiterate for missing options are fixed, add fund it funded proposal for someone)

Create and set user configuration modifier (how much user supports X is range between 100 and -100) List all personal modifiers with values List all modifiers with values

Roles and permissions? For? Representative can create proposals with hodlbag fund pool as well (dangerous, should have max limit!) Titles (database who is who and responsible for what) Members (members and reps can have titles) Toxic / banned / inappropriate behaviour

Oracle? How do we know if a proposal successfully got done? Example: users decide to make 100 bags to specific people 1. Take money from contract to markers 2. Creation of bags 3. Posting (verify on blockchain for bonus HDL?) 4. Receiver get it - if he verifies receiving, payment to creators finalized and s/he receives bonus for being verifier

Interesting example: https://gov.nft.org/