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@ -13,13 +13,13 @@ The story of CCTF: From crypto hackers' vision to the biggest web3 hacking compe
**Subscribe for updates:** [](
**Register and submit flags:** //smart contract address TBA//
**Register and submit flags:** 0x36a1424da63a50627863d8f65c0669da7347814a / on Polygon
**Start date**: 2022 August 25, 10:00, Singapore Time - UTC/GMT +8
**Finish date**: 2022 August 26., 16:00, Singapore Time - UTC/GMT +8
**Global location link**: TBA (flags are to be submitted to the CCTF smart contract)
**Global location link**: Flags are to be submitted to the CCTF smart contract!
**Physical location**: HiTB Conference, InterContinental Singapore, 80 Middle Rd, Singapore 188966