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# RMRK Proposal
- Authors: {Péter Bertalan, Nagymarosi Máté, Toldi Balázs, Debreczeni Máté}
- Status: {Draft}
- Created: {2022-12-07}
## Summary
The RMRK documentation currently includes a use case description of a
ticketing system, built on revealable and multi-resource NFTs.
We extend this application with a few additional ideas that take
advantage of RMRKs toolbox.
## Motivation
Classic solutions to ticketing come with their drawbacks. RMRK offers
new and versatile building blocks for making NFTs more powerful and
rich, while also eliminating a lot of the downsides. However, one aspect
not addressed by the current draft is scalping. Scalping is the practice
of buying large amounts of a scarce asset to resell it at a higher
price. Even centralized systems struggle to combat this issue. Our
proposal offers a possible mitigation.
## Specification
### Multi-use tickets
Instead of following the traditional scheme of one ticket per event, a
ticket could possibly be valid for a number of select or arbitrary
events. In this case, ticket validation would entail verifying a counter
or the presence of a specific PoA besides the secret keyword.
### A loyalty system
Dedicated fans deserve extra perks for their support. Our proposal
utilizes multi-resource NFTs to enable customers to attain a collection
of PoAs as part of a single NFT. This could be used to set up the basis
of a loyalty system. Owners of such collections would be able to
participate in presales, ensuring that they dont miss out on their
favourite event.
### Scalping mitigation
The loyalty system outlined already offers some level of protection
against scalpers, but we would further enhance this with the use of
Verifiable Credentials. These could be issued by a trusted organization
and the amount of tickets per capita could be limited.